Custom Matches

Custom Matches
Produce a one-of-a-kind match just for you!

In our quest to please you, we have also been producing custom matches. For a reasonable fee, we let you tell us what you’d like to see. You get to request the wrestlers (based on availability) and we’ll even perform out of character or different roles if you like.

We can also sometimes find guys to appear in custom matches that aren’t in our regular matches (if you want to see larger or older or something else we don’t usually feature.)

You get to request the style and color of the gear we wear-want to see Axel in pink trunks? Axel and Quinn Harper in a rip and strip or sweat pants and t-shirts?

You also get to request the scenario or storyline… we can play ourselves, or other roles you dream up: coach and athlete, friends fighting, heel vs jobber, whatever you like. You also get to suggest the holds and moves and dirty tactics you want to see. Want a 5-minute camel clutch? Lots of head scissors? Multiple submissions? Extra trunk-pulling and wedgies? A dozen sleepers? Special finishers? Post-match action?

This is your chance to request anything that may not fit into the normal storylines of our matches and characters. Anything you can think of that you’d like to see, we’d love to hear it! We can’t promise we’ll do everything, but we promise to consider all your ideas and negotiate with you to make you happy. Prices for custom matches begin at $550 for general matches, and more depending on certain requests you might make of us. We’ll definitely negotiate something you’ll enjoy time after time!

We still own all the rights to all custom videos we produce and therefor after 6 months to a year we reserve the right to re-edit and post appropriate custom videos on this page as part of our lost video collection.

Customs are 30 minutes long

Email us your custom request

(All Sales are Final)

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