Match 862: Harvey Dale Vs. Derrick Cole


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 862) Running time 25 minutes


Harvey Dale finds himself going up against Derrick Cole. Does Harvey have a chance to win, sure he does. Does Harvey have opportunity to humiliate Derrick, he sure could. And lastly can Harvey embarrass Derrick and the answer to that is, he does. The fight is a little one sided, but Harvey gets in some licks of his own. You will definitely know this dog was in the fight! He may take a beating, but he manages to throw Derrick off his game a time or two by going after Derricks balls and his ass. And what a sexy ass Derrick has, thank you Harvey for that one. I had fun watching as I am sure you will as well. Download and see what I mean. – Michael “BodySlam”

“The match is not entirely one-sided despite what you see in the GIFs. I just love to watch Derrick Cole work an opponent. The guy has mastered the art of crucifying rookies. His long slow holds, topped off with bullet-like strikes, are both effective and hot. His nastiness intrigues me.”Ringside at Skull Island