Match 863: Aron Vs. Nero Angelo – Muscle Worship


from the Lost Video Collection

Our Price: $10.99 (Product Code 863) Running time 31 minutes


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Because of an external hard drive dying, UCW lost all of the older customs that were waiting to be turned into Lost Videos. A client sent Michael a copy of his custom video to turn into a Lost Video, big thanks to that client. It starts off with Aron is telling us a story about a woman he fucked on a table at the bar. But just as he gets to the good part, Nero hits him with a sleeper and starts stripping him. Nero has very strong legs, and uses them to torture Aron with a number of body scissors. Aron also is forced to body worship Nero, and Aron also has to deal with gut punches, choking, a few sleepers and a very curious hand down inside Aron’s trunks, he was very uncomfortable with this. Aron does his best to fight back and maybe he turns it around on Nero. Someone ends up getting worked over while tied up on the wall. – Michael “BodySlam”