Match 852: Harvey Dale Vs. Tyson the Hammer


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 852) Running time 28 minutes


So, we get to see what cute Harvey Dale has to offer, and he is up against the sexy Tyson the Hammer. For a new guy there is some good back and forth action, and Tyson treats Harvey to some real Tyson erotic fun. Besides all the wrestling, Tyson did pull out little Hammer or we should say the not so little Hammer. He used the Hammer to slap someone silly, you don’t want to miss that! Download now, meet Harvey Dale and see another side of Tyson, the Hammer side. In this match, it’s Hammer time! – Michael “BodySlam”

“Harvey poses no serious threat to Tyson, but the new kid definitely likes to play rough and tough. Tyson likes and respects the guy’s spunk. To an extent. Then, a line gets crossed and Tyson goes into demolition mode.”Ringside at Skull Island