Match 844: Anton Alvarez Vs. Champion Axel – Strip Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 844) Running time 25 minutes


This match was shot early in Anton’s career, so he has had some improvement since then. Also, Axel refers to being a 3x Champion when we all know he is now 4x Champion. Okay, that being said, the match, this match has so many high points, low blows, gut workovers, flips and chops to just name a few. It’s a strip match so there is dick at the end, and not a flash but a real good look. And it looks good! – Michael “BodySlam”

Though Axel and Anton have contrasting physiques, they are well matched on the mat. In the best moments of this match, it looks like they’ll have to be pried loose from each other.” – Ringside at Skull Island