Match 275: Lance Thrust Vs. CJ Devastation


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“C’m’ere, c’m’ere,” CJ coaxes, in low tones. He wants to hurt Lance bad. He wants to feel the pain shivering through the man’s bones. He wants to bask in the heat rising off his skin. – Ringside at Skull Island

CJ is one of our favorite wrestlers, he always has high energy, erotic and rough with his opponents. Add in all his muscles and well packed speedo, all makes for a very fun match! Now for Lance Thrust, if his name sounds like a porn star that’s because he is a stripper, poll dancer and is also a erotic massage artis. He also studies martial arts and helps cleaning house when fights break out in the dance club. So, he is a hot sexy bar fighter.  Lance is a little out of his element, CJ comes right out of the gate beating on Lance, but soon enough he turns the table on CJ. There is a reason CJ is called Devastation, he LOVES pain, giving and receiving it back. He sets out to devastate Lance, and does, but Lance fights back. There is lots of gut punching, deep trunks pull, groins being worked over. It is a wild sexy fun match to watch. I love watching CJ doing his heel thing and so will you. Check this classic UCW match and check out both of these guys other matches. – Michael “Bodyslam”