Match 848: The 2022 Holiday Day Match


with Zack Reno, Axel, Kal the Wrestler and Holiday Champ Cheetah Boy

Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 848) Running time 34 minutes


In 2021 Cheetah Boy won the Holiday Champion Medal, in this match he is a target and everyone else wants the Medal. Yes, the All-Star Champion is in the match but for this match alone his UCW belt is not on-the-line. In this match the guys are playing capture the candy cane. You must defend you candy cane and if taken you have a 10 count (provided by BodySlam) to regain your candy cane back or be counted out. The action starts off slow but soon picks up and everyone is after Cheetah Boy but he does a good job of holding his own. There is some good double-teaming action, and plenty of low blows and gut workovers. After his match two weeks ago with Claymore, Zack seems to enjoy going after dicks’, not balls but dicks’. If you work for UCW I guess the exoticness’ of it starts to rub off on everyone, even straight boys. The match has a dramatic ending that will have you on your feet. Did Cheetah Boy fight off everyone and retain the Holiday Medal or is there a new Holiday Champion? So don’t wait another minute, download and get the Holiday Cheer or in this case Cheering on your guy to win! – Michael “BodySlam”

“A long candy cane decks each of the ring’s four corners, and each man’s goal is to protect his cane and capture the other canes. If he loses his cane, he has 10 seconds to retrieve it, or he’s counted out.”Ringside at Skull Island