Match 548 Kelvin Thunder Vs. Tyson the Hammer


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Ringside at Skull Island said this…use this link to see

Did you ever want to beat up on your own mini me? Well, that’s what this match is. Tyson takes on Kelvin Thunder who is a much smaller version of Tyson. Plus, they both look pretty hot in jock straps! With Kelvin being so new, he needed a little coaching, so Axel stepped in and yells out ideas now and then. You will notice the height difference, this might help Kelvin, or maybe hurt him. It’s a fun match to sit back and watch. Download now and take advantage of this great low price! – Michael BodySlam                    

“Kelvin’s the one with high-school wrestling experience, Tyson’s the one with UCW experience, however, and as any fan knows, UCW wrestling is nothing like high school, except that both can be hell.”Ringside of Skull Island