Match 842: Lobo Gris Vs. Tyson the Hammer – First to cum


from the Lost Video Collection

Our Price: $10.99 (Product Code 842) Running time 30 minutes


“Both men are hot and hot for each other. Both look comfortable in each other’s grip. The action is slow, and although Tyson’s on top for most of the 26 minutes, Lobo does more than purr and gyrate.”Ringside at Skull Island

Wow, Tyson is at it again, trying to make guys cum in a match. This time it is with Sexy Latin Lover, Lobo Gris. They both do their best to turn on each other on and win! To win you must make your opponent cum in his gear. Anything goes, in this different twist of a match. You don’t hurt your opponent in this type of match, you control him so you can get him off. So, like I said anything goes. Tyson goes deep with his jacking of Lobo’s bits. Lobo using his feet to get Tyson’s bits to rise to the occasion. Mine did just watching that! Both guys worked on nipples and balls but not for pain, for the goal of winning. Now if your hoping to see genitals it won’t be happening, but however, Lobo’s little Lobo does show a little head here and there as Tyson jacks away. You will love Tyson being Tyson and Lobo, he is just too cute and sexy.  – Michael “BodySlam”