Match 837: Tag Team Championship Match


w/Derrick Cole & Tyson the Hammer Vs. Cheetah Boy & Champion Axel

Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 837) Running time 35 minutes


“Match 837 is hot, frenzied roughhouse and one more opportunity to settle old scores.”Ringside at Skull Island

Back in match 833 Derrick and Tyson who were boxing each other turned their attention to Zack. They decided that they make a great tag team, So Michael decided to give them a chance to become the first UCW Tag Team Champions. But not all that easy, you see the opponents are none other the Champion Axel and tough guy Cheetah Boy. The match includes double teaming, gut punching, ball busting, scissor holds, quick tags in and out. Derrick wanted his hands on Axel to try and take that All Star Championship belt off of him. But for some reason these two never seem to be in the ring at the same time. Usually, the UCW tag matches are a little out of control. But in this one, they all seem to take it at a slower pace, more of a controlled back and forth beating. This one could go to anyone, just takes one person to make a mistake to lose this one. Download and see who the first Tag Team Champions will be. – Michael “BodySlam”