Match 833: Derrick Cole Vs. Tyson the Hammer with Zack Reno – 2 on 1


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 833) Running time 28 minutes


Derek lends a hand, and Zack is writhing on the mat like a worm. Tyson takes off a glove, pulls Reno up by his curly locks, and pushes him into a corner to blast the man’s torso with his still-gloved right hand.”Ringside at Skull Island

We join Derrick and Tyson in boxing match UCW style. Zack walks in after a bit, criticizing the way they are boxing and the way they are using the ring. Well after enough of this the boys, let’s say, invite Zack to join them in a little fun wrestling match. This is where the fun turns into some real excitement! Derrick and Tyson team up and give Zack a good beat-down. Gut beat-downs, ball-busting, double teaming painful holds, ring corner workovers and so much more. Can Zack defend himself against these two, Zack does have some good moves.  He has some good fight experience, so do the other two, Derrick and Tyson. Lots of energy, and lots of pain. One last thing this is a gear sponsored match, and I love the freedom their dick and balls have to hang around but also to become a large target. – Michael “BodySlam”