Match 871: Anton Alvarez & Kal Conner Vs. Zack Reno – 2 vs. 1


from the Lost Video Collection

Our Price: $10.99 (Product Code 871) Running time 29 minutes


“Look but don’t touch” So, Kal and Anton are practicing some holds and in walks Zack Reno. Zack next tries to kick Anton and Kal out of the mat room. Now this match was shot very early in Anton’s time here at UCW, so it’s his first-time meeting Zack his hero. Anton praises Zack’s wrestling skill and his body, he tries to rub Zack’s chest and Zack is like “Look but don’t touch.” This doesn’t sit well with Anton or Kal, which leads to a 2 against 1, a very erotic type of match. Zack bounces back and forth between pain and pleaser as he finds himself being worked over and double teamed. Also, Anton and Kal use this time to explore Zack’s body in ways we only dreamed about. Now watch and plan on having some paper towel on hand. A very fun match we can all enjoy.  – Michael BodySlam

“For me, those rowdy fights are sexier than most out and out porn. However, this “match” achieves its aim. Zack tries to thrust free of his attackers and fails.” – Ringside at Skull Island