Match 851: Axel Vs. Max Ryder – Oil Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 851) Running time 29 minutes


Max gets right Axel’s face about losing the UCW Championship Belt and doesn’t stop. So now you have a mean nasty Max and a “pissed off” Axel! You just know this oil match is going to be good!  There was lots of punching, lowblows, headscissors, and Max lately is into bare butt abusing of other guys as Axel finds that out. Then there is the going after Axel’s cock and balls which Max does his fair share of. Now for as good as Max’s abs look, they are a little on the weaker side which Axel takes for advantage of and does plenty of gut punching to Max. Now Max comes across as a little crazy in this match and Axel wants to kill someone, so with all that going on, it makes for a great match. Download and have yourself some fun!  – Michael “BodySlam”

“There are no good sports in this match. Both want to see the other guy suffer, by fair or foul means, and they have taken the best seat in the house – on top of the dude they want to destroy.” Ringside at Skull Island