Match 823: Tyson the Hammer Vs. Anton Anton Alvarez Vs. Cheetah Boy – Strip Elimination


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 823) Running time 26 minutes


“The upshot of the match is an unobstructed front-row view of one wrestler’s dick, and it’s not moving or going anywhere, which is bad news for the guy who’s hung out to dry on the ring floor.” – Ringside at Skull Island

A strip match like only UCW can do it! Okay but right up front we must warn you; this is a strip match; you will see nudity! Its everyman for himself in this match, but you will see teams form and fail. Watch out for the double teaming and yes everyone is stripping everyone else. All the Dicks in this match are pretty to look at even though they are different to look at, yet all very nice in there our way! The match takes place in the ring and yes, the ropes come into play. Fun to watch!  – BodySlam UCW