Match 840: Mikey Cannon Vs. Nero Angelo – I Quit Oil Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 840) Running time 30 minutes


OILY and hot and this one comes very close to sex as only UCW can without crossing that line, or did they?  So much rubbing, feeling and kissing. They even manage to do some oily wrestling. some good moves to hurt the other and make him say “I Quit!”  But on the way to that point the really get into exploring each other’s bodies. Nero try’s finger in holes and he ends up bringing pleasure, Mikey punches Nero’s abs and Nero likes it. At points we are not ever sure how Mikey’s speedo is even covering anything, must be suck on something hard in the front. We need to do more “I Quit” matches as this one was so great to watch but be warned, you need to keep the tissues close by. Special highlights are as follows… the whole match my friend.  – Michael “BodySlam”

“The wrestlers take an occasional break from liplocks to grab and squeeze cock. It’s still not exactly a fight. It’s mostly restraints and body locks, and the guys miss no opportunity to get their lips on something or other” Ringside