Match 861: Zack Reno Vs. Axel Vs. Tyson the Hammer – Last Man Standing


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 861) Running time 29 minutes


Cheetah Boy tricked the top UCW wrestlers into showing up at the UCW ring, with them thinking he will wrestle them. Only he wasn’t there. The winner of this match will be facing Cheetah Boy for a shot at the UCW Championship belt. So, the boys go at it, and at it hard! Zack has new see through gear that barley covers his dick, what a cute tight ass he has. Lots of double teaming and alliances that keep switching. Lots of good holds, punches, slams, use of the ropes, the corners, and yes, the use of chloroform. Cheetah insisted to lose the match you must be chloroformed out. But with a chance to go after Champion Cheetah Boy, no one is going down easy. Or letting someone else win instead of themselves. Who will take out the other two and face the UCW Champion Cheetah Boy. – Michael “BodySlam”

“Zach wears see-through tights that draw attention to his ass. Alliances last for mere seconds; then, the allies turn on each other. Hair gets yanked, and balls get smushed. The wrestlers engage in a tug of war over the chloroform rag. Unsurprisingly, nobody gives a shit for fair play.” – Ringside