Match 867: Mason Vs. Zack Reno


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 867) Running time 31 minutes


Mason walks in and finds Zack outside of the ring staring at the ring. Mason joins him and they have a chat about wrestling. Then they move to the ring and Zack tries to show Mason a few things. Soon it breaks out in a big fight. We find Mason still acting like the crazy wrestler with so much energy that Zack seems overwhelmed at times.  Zack won’t give up without a fight, and a fight it is. Thanks to Mason we get to see Zack suffering and we see a lot of pubic hair. Mason may be on the larger size, but his wrestling sure doesn’t disappoints. Zack has been working on his arms, and they are really sweet looking. Mason won his last match against Jason. How will Mason do in this match? Be a big upset into his favor if he wins, but Zack is no push over and will do all he can to put Mason into his place.  – Michael “BodySlam”   

“The faceoff between Reno and Mason gives me chills. When these guys twist balls or punch guts or poke an opponent’s eyes, I feel like I’m watching real god-damn-you-to-hell hostility … realistic and sexy – at least, sick fucks like me find it sexy.”Ringside at Skull Island