Match 864: Mason Vs. Jason Anders – Hump Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 864) Running time 26 minutes


Mason isn’t very experienced at wrestling, but we saw him go crazy on Axel. So, we have high hopes for him in this match. Jason Anders has been wrestling all over the place including the UK, plus lots of wrestling experience. As we all know Jason fights very dirty, he is not opposed to sticking things up his opponent’s butts. This fight is full of a lot of all this, dirty moves left and right as Mason gives as good as he gets. Mason is young, he has so much energy, Jason will have his hands full. Can Jason beat this young kid or will Mason, score the win?

“UCW initiated horny-as-fuck fights years ago, and this match, pitting husky new guy Mason against trashy veteran Jason Anders, raises the genre to new heights. It proves wrestling doesn’t need big muscles and movie-star profiles to stiffen somebody’s cock. And, mind you, nobody loves hard pecs and hard dicks more than I do.” – Ringside at Skull Island