Match 859: Lobo Gris Vs. Jason Anders – Sleeper Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 859) Running time 30 minutes


Lobo comes in ready to do battle, Lobo thinks his first match was with Jason, it wasn’t, it was his 7th match at UCW (Match 754), and Lobo lost. Jason wants to have a match where it’s Native American vs. Mexican or North America vs. Central America. Lobo says lets Wrestle, sleeper match, 3 sleepers needed to win. The match gets started with Jason of course hitting Lobo with a cheap shot. That is his m.o., the way he likes to get that’s started. The match is not one sided, both guys fight hard, and it goes back and forth most of the match. Lobo starts off fighting clean but soon enough he starts copying Jason’s dirty, unclean, wrestling style. It will take 3 sleepers to win this match. The last time Lobo and Jason had a match Lobo did lose to a Jason, sleeper. Will Lobo let that happen again, he has more wrestling experience now, and is stronger and much wiser to the ways of the North American wrestlers these days. So, will he lose? – Michael “BodySlam” 

“Jason gets off on hurting dewy-eyed Lobo. For him, squashing an opponent, especially a dashing lionheart like Gris, is a fight to the death – or as close to one as the law allows. What Jason might have overlooked is his opponent’s readiness to go for the jugular, to push the limits of this contest, to club Anders down like a rabid rat.” Ringside at Skull Island