Match 856: Mason Vs. Axel


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 856) Running time 28 minutes


 Axel is looking at his phone looking very comfortable hanging out in the wrestling ring, waiting for his opponent. In walks newcomer Mason, a 20-year-old, ex-cheerleader, current striper go-go boy, very flexible.  After some smack talk and very little respect from both sides, the battle starts.  For a new wrestler Mason is a good heel and isn’t scared to go after veteran UCW wrestler and ex-champion. Axel at least in this match, he has become a top-notch heel. He really wastes no time in being a bully to Mason. Never thought I would see that in Axel. All he is missing is the Hulk Hogan’s black face make-up as he was seen while wrestling with the NWO. This wasn’t a clean fight, lots of ball busting, hair pulling, nipple pinching and chest hair pulling. Plus, some good gut punching except Mason will need more practice at gut punching. Anyway, Mason never stays down and keeps bringing the fight back to Axel like a Wildman on some type of drug. After watching the match, you may not be surprised by the ending or maybe you will be. Was it the 20-year-old full-of-rage and energy or did Axel, the long, long-time veteran, ex UCW champion win? Download and see what I am talking about. – Michael “BodySlam”

“This match’s energy grabs me by the balls and stiffens my stick. I love watching hot wrestlers roll over each other, pull hair, and aim solid gut punches. Mason puts up a good fight, exactly the kind of competition that gets Axel hard.”Ringside at Skull Island