Match 850: Zack Reno Vs. Champion Cheetah Boy


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 850) Running time 24 minutes


Of all the people Cheetah Boy is the last person Zack wanted to face. But he wants that belt! So the fight is on, Zack comes out strong, Cheetah Boy puts his MMA training to use but he always comes back to the use of dirty tactics. Cheetah works over Zack and dominates at the start but then Zack brings the fight back to Cheetah and this is getting good. Download and watch where this match goes next!  – Michael “BodySlam”

“Cheetah wants nothing more than to humiliate the ex-champ and knock him down a peg or two. Zack wants a real two-fisted fight – like the movies. He wants to beat the shit out of the jungle cat and show him who’s the real alpha male.”Ringside at Skull Island