Match 418: Eli Black Vs. Nero Angelo


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Eli thinks he is fighting Axel for the belt, but Axel has some bad news, he is too busy. So, he sends in a bodybuilder newcomer Nero Angelo to do his dirty work. Eli feels cheated but excepts the match. This a tough one for Eli, his usually tricks aren’t working on all this muscle. Nero is new to this but has had a little training, Eli was starting his MMA training so you will find this a very close match. There is lots of gut work over by but guys and they both go for the low blows as well.  Eli can lift Nero for slams, but they don’t have the effect he is hoping for. Nero gets dirty with the rubbing and licking, he is not as bad as he is now, but it is enjoyable to see him doing it to Eli. It was a great first match for Nero, and Eli learned that he must cheat sometimes. Download and join the fun. – Michael “BodySlam”