Match 846: Claymore Alexander Vs. Zack Reno – Hump Match


Top Five Sale Price: $15.99 (Reg. $17.99) (Product Code 846) Running time 29 minutes


Claymore wants to try his hand at underground wrestling. He comes out acting tough and Zack has fun with it by taking Claymore’s bling bling and stuffing it down his own trunks. Now he may come to regret that decision. The fight is on and Claymore being a pro boxer has a mean hit, but Zack has some killer submission moves on his side. For some reason this match is bringing out the dirty in Zack. As he keeps humping on Claymore way too hard than needed. Then there is Claymore who is sporting some very nice wood. And thanks to him we a very nice tease of what’s inside Zack’s speedo.  – Michael “BodySlam”

“Alexander holds nothing back. The guy knows not only how to wrestle but also how to stage a beatdown. Even as a grappler at Movimus, Claymore brought flair to the mat, and here he takes to the UCW mat like he owns it. Zach, in turn, is in tiger mode for this contest. He takes full advantage of the company’s no-rules roughhouse style… – Ringside”