Match 825: Kal the Wrestler Vs. Nero Angelo – Strip Oil Match


Top Five Sale Price: $15.99 (Reg. $17.99) (Product Code 825) Running time 27 minutes


“The oil serves as an equalizer of two physically different wrestlers – stout Nero versus slender Kal. From the start, it’s clear this is an even match, and the fight remains neck and neck to the end. This match is erotic but with fewer campy elements than most sex matches, but its sex appeal is potent and inescapable.” Ringside at Skull Island

This is the 2nd time these two are meeting up in an oil match. Last time Nero won and took Kal to the shower for some humiliation. Kal is gunning for some payback and to stick-it to Nero, but good! OK wait a minute, Nero has been working out like a mad man, it is not going to be easy to take him down by anyone. The 2 against Nero comes to mind, oh wait, didn’t he lose that? Maybe Kal stands a chance, what do you think? And what’s up with all the shower talk, isn’t that Nero’s thing? A lot to see in this match and a lot of questions to answers. Ok lets talk about the match high lights, 1st, the oiling up, Nero oil’s every square inch of Kal’s sexy body. If in his place who wouldn’t oil all the goodies. The guys get both pretty rough and yet still sexy with each other. It’s a strip match and there are a number of attempts to win by stripping the other guy. A number of exposures but no full on goods until the very end. Have paper towel nearby. – Michael “BodySlam