Match 858: Tag Team Action


Claymore Alexander & Partner Vs. Tag Champions Derrick Cole & Tyson the Hammer

Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 858) Running time 22 minutes


Claymore and his, partner take on our Tag Team Champions Derrick and Tyson. Claymore’s mystery partner never seems to show up. But that won’t stop Claymore from stepping up the plate and attempting to hit one out of the ballpark. But going up against our Tag Team Champions, is that really the way to go? It looks like the oil match the Tag boys did a few weeks back really did help them become a better Tag Team. Or maybe it was Michael suggesting they might not last too long. It also looks like Derrick was training Tyson as he did so much better in this match then he has in the past. Claymore has to take a lot of slams and gut punching in this match as he is alone. But he keeps getting back up. As a boxer he has a pretty good punch, so it he ever lands it the whole match good be turned around. Does he land the punches needed to win, watch, and see. – Michael “BodySlam”