Match 829: Kal the Wrestler Vs. Derrick Cole


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code: 829) Running time 31 minutes


BodySlam tells Kal that his trainer will be there soon, then he leaves the room. Kal is warming up in the ring, looks pretty hot in his tight poser, doing it. In walks Derrick Cole all dressed up like a coach. He tells Kal that BodySlam wants him to be trained. But Derrick’s real plan is to just beat-up on Kal. But as you may know, Kal has already been doing some training and has a few tricks up his poser. Derrick was caught off card a few times and maybe it was enough for Kal to score a win on Derrick. Highlights of the match are body slams, gut punching, out of the ring action, and Derrick showing a little more skin than he planned on. – Michael “BodySlam”

“Is my tongue hanging out? Wow! This match touches me “down there” while launching into a cyclone of high-energy give and take” – Ringside at Skull Island