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Match 656: Wolf Boy Vs. Max Ryder

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 656) 


Match 655: Matt Vs Tyson the Champion

“I’m not sure Tyson knows what he’s getting into. Matt’s built tough, and last month he and Axel tore into each like their lives depended on it. The guy impressed me and left Axel winded and gasping. So maybe “fun” is not the right word for a battle against Matt” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 655)


Match 654: Gabe Steel Vs. Fl Fuego

“Gabe and Fuego may well represent the future of UCW, Gabe bringing needed heft to the company’s roster, Fuego combining pugnacity and showmanship. I’m especially a fan of El Fuego, whose energy I like and whose mask begs to be unlaced and stripped off” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 654) 


Match 653: Chase Michaels Vs. Max Ryder

“That means banging your junk into your opponent ten times without interruption for the win. I know some of you are asking, “Will I see some cock?” Let me assure you, you will” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 653)


Match 652: Axel Vs. Austin Tyler – Rope Match

“most sophisticated and handsome wrestlers while also being one of its toughest and most coldly sadistic?” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 652)


Match 651: Marc Matthews Vs. Chase Michaels

“…here’s the part I love – he covers Chase’s body with his own, chest to chest and crotch to crotch, and steals a kiss.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 651)


Match 650: Gabe Steel Vs. Wolf Boy – Oil Strip

“…the oil match is sensuous while remaining competitive, sustained by Wolf Boy’s cockiness and Gabe Steel’s massive muscle.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 650) 


Match 649: Matt Vs. Axel – 3 submissions to win

“…the wrestling is authentic, and all the sexier for being competitive and no-nonsense.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 649)


Match 648: Gabe Steel Vs. Max Ryder

“The great thing about having two big guys in the ring is they really make the squared circle roar.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16:99 (Product Code 648) 


Match 647: TK Wu Vs. Champion Tyson in Oil

“The sensuousness of oil wrestling does nothing to diminish the wrestlers’ fervor for victory, and hardly a minute passes without a close call…” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 647)


Match 646: El Fuego Vs. Eli Black

“There’s a purity in the mano-a-mano roughhouse that would have outshone the gawdy accoutrements anyway. In its raw simplicity Fuego vs Black is a work of genius.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 646)


Match 645: Axel Vs. Eli Black – Ab Bash                                                        from the Lost Video Collection

“He proceeds to attack Eli’s midsection with a series of foreign objects, i.e. whatever comes in handy…” – Ringside

Our Price: $10.99 (Product Code 645)


Match 644: Wolf Boy Vs. Austin Taylor – Singlets

“The singlet accentuates the  thickness of Austin’s build, especially his powerful haunches. Against this body, Wolf Boy’s typical head games are probably useless.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 644)


Match 643: TK Wu Vs. Axel – UCW Boxing

“This isn’t pretty boys posing or horsing around – it’s rough competition with plenty of full-arm blows.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 643)


Match 642: El Fuego Vs. Austin

“…each attempting to grind the other guy down to a state of helplessness – sharp-elbow-to-the-ribs grinding, with wrenching of joints and casual body slamming…” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 642)


Match 641: TK Wu Vs. Nero Angelo

“When told he must be a present from Bodyslam, the company’s founder and co-owner, TK grins and replies, sharply, “Enjoy it while you can.”” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 641)