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Ringside at Skull Island put up their list of the top 50 matches of 2019. Many of our matches we had 12 of our matches that made the list. Check it out.

Match 716: Dany Vs. El Fuego

“El Fuego is taken by surprise. Dany is a martial artist with sharp and merciless instincts. He doesn’t pussyfoot around, and neither does Fuego…” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 716)

Match 715: Nero Angelo Vs. Tyson the Hammer

“The bout features some ingenious spots, Angelo proving to be the more creatively sadistic of the two. That’s not to imply that Tyson won’t bite a dude’s nipple if he has to.” – Ringside 

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 715)

Match 714: Keelin Vs. Axel the Rematch

“Axel claims Keelin’s victory over him in 2018 was a “fluke.” Keelin begs to differ, and the fight is on! Will this fight – all balls, and no mercy – settle the matter or simply stoke the flames of their apparently instinctive rivalry?” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 714)

Match 713: Chad Daniels vs. Nero

“I’m going to make this a memorable experience for the both of us,” Nero suavely announces at the start of UCW’s Match 713. Chad Daniels quips, “You’re going to remember you losing.” Well-ll-ll, let’s wait and see, shall we? – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 713)

Match 712: Kenny Star Vs. Axel – Tickle Fight from the Lost Video Collection

“Outsiders to ticklish fetishism can still enjoy UCW’s usual punching, squeezing, stretching, and grabbing, amply represented in this custom video.” – Ringside

“It is REALLY hot watching someone lose control because of it. I can definitely see how it can be used as a torturous submission technique. I also love the quick swap from tickling to strikes and submissions.” – KoSubFed

Our Price: $10.99 (Product Code 712)

Match 711: Ty Alexander Vs. Wolf Boy – Strip Match

“Neither fighter has been sexier than he is in this match, especially in the grueling last minutes, and both are certifiably boner material because of (or in spite of) pointed differences in body build and, perhaps, species.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 711)

Match 710: Cheetah Boy Vs. Axel

“Better than anybody else, better than one might think possible, UCW mixes lighthearted fun with brutal punishment.” – Ringside 

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 710)

Match 709: Jason Anders Vs. Zack Reno – 2 out of 3

“The wrestlers use the ropes, the belt, and each other’s trunks as weapons, and despite the occasional fancy move, the greater part of the fight involves grappling and intense body contact.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 709)

Match 708: Chad Daniels Vs. El Fuego

“Not living up to the hype, are you?” Fuego taunts. This is beginning to look like a shoot match, or at least tending in that direction, and my dick is getting curious about where all this leading.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 708)

Match 707: Ty Alexander Vs. Tyson the Hammer

“Ty Alexander has a gleeful time humiliating and punishing Tyson the Hammer. Some might say he crosses the line.” – Ringside 

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 707)

Match 706: Steve Mason Vs. Chase Michaels in Oil

“Steve Mason may be the best babyface for Chase to torment. He is not stiff or uncomfortable with the appurtenances of the oil-wrestling match. He expresses both delight and alarm in ways that make the viewer identify with him and feel with him his vulnerability and panic.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 706)

Match 705: Jax Atwell Vs. Axel

“Match 705 has kink to spare – jockstraps, selfies, socks, wrestling,  and Jax Atwell’s perfect abdomen.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 705)

Match 704: Eli Black Vs: Zack Reno

“Besides the contrasts in character type, Eli and Zack are excellently matched in build and ring psychology – with Eli having the added advantages of MMA training and a bent for merciless pummeling. To be sure, Zack knows the ropes and maintains an impressive playbook of holds” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 704)

Match 703: Wolf Boy Vs. El Fuego

One reason I like these guys is that they do the larger part of their work on the mat. Both are gifted at tying opponents up in knots, and both have flexible enough joints to take a great deal of twisting and yanking. Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 703)

Match 702: Ty Alexander Vs. Axel

This match – Ty’s debut at UCW – is dirty, mean, and wrong in so many ways that it must be some kind of classic. Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 702)

Match 701: Chad Daniels Vs. Derrick Cole – Best of 5 Sleepers

Twenty minutes in, Daniels and Cole are tied 2 to 2. I was expecting a squash. Both men pull every trick in the book to win. – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 701)

Match 700: Keelin Vs. Tyson – Stakes Match

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 700)

Match 699: Axel Vs. Eli Black

“Eli and Axel are punks who need their butts spanked – but nobody (but nobody!) brings the jiz and spark to a mat or ring as they do.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 699)

Match 698: Cheetah Boy Vs. El Fuego

“Stripping a wrestler of his mask is the worst thing an opponent can do, short of murdering the guy. And one of these fighters does ultimately strip the other man of his mask. But the juiciest parts are those leading up to that moment.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 698)

Match 697: Jason Anders Vs. Chase Michaels

“The fight gets fiercer in the second half. Both men are in do-or-die mode. Balls get grabbed, hair gets pulled, spines get slammed to the mat.” – Ringside

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 697)