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Match 587: 3-Way Dance w/Max Vs. Joker Vs. Quinn

Our Price: $15.99 (Product Code 587)



Match 586: Nero Angelo Vs. Erik the Viking in Oil

“What’s refreshing is that Erik is not oblivious to the erotic nature of Nero’s overtures. He knowingly participates in the fantasy – Nero’s and mine” – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product Code 586)



Match 585: Donny Hardwood Vs. Eli Black

Our Price: $15.99 (Product Code 585)



Match 583B: Kenny Star Vs. Quinn Harper – Ball Bust – Lost Video

Our Price: $9.99 (Product Code 583B) Replacement Video



Match 584: Tag Team Action! Austin Axel Vs Joker Quinn

“There’s nothing I don’t like here. The rowdyism hits its peak in the last two minutes with all four players in play. Yep, it looks like UCW is ready to come out of the garage and into the ring with all its rough edges in fine array.” – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 584)



Match 582: Jayden Mayne Vs. Erik the Viking

“Jayden uses his wiles – knowledge of paralyzing holds and cheap shots – to even the playing field. He’s also a tenacious badger of an aggressor.” – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 582)



Match 581: Joker Vs. Max Ryder

“and while he might not mind bending the rules (“What rules?” one might say – It’s UCW), he’s not going to play straight man to Joker’s incessant clowning.” – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 581)



Match 580: Marc Matthews Vs. Axel – Older Vs. Younger

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 580)



Match 579: Kevin Lin Vs. Tyson the Hammer – Muscle Worship – Lost Video Collection

Our price: $9.99 (Product code 579) 



Match 578: Derrick Cole Vs Austin Tyler 

“How many times am I allowed to say “This is UCW’s best match ever”? – Ringside 

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 578)



Match 577: Donny Hardwood Vs. Max Ryder

“I wasn’t expecting this energetic a fight from Max or Donny – but they pull out the stops – and the contest is close all the way up to the final 45 seconds (of a 28-minute battle). ” – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 577)



Match 576 Erik the Viking Vs. Angel Estrada – Strip Match

“We see ass – two asses – and schlong too – two schlongs. Both wrestlers get stripped” – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 576) 



Match 575 Joker Vs. Eli Black

“and nothing makes Joker chomp at the bit like a born-again goody-goody who only wants a fair fight.” – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 575)