Match 835: Axel Vs. Cole Dallas – Sleeper Match


from the Lost Video Collection

Our Price: $10.99 (Product Code 835) Running time 31 minutes


“Both these guys have farm-boy good looks, which brings to mind back-of-the-toolshed fantasies. Cole carries more weight and muscle, but Axel has taken on almost everybody in underground wrestling here and at other promotions.”Ringside at Skull Island

Young cute Cole steps into the ring with the very smart Axel, both are pro trained, and Axel has studied so much more, Judo, BJJ, Boxing and Pro. So even with all the hard muscle Cole is packing, Axel is the one with all the combat experience here. Both are wearing sexy speedos, but Axel really fills them out well. Now this is a Lost video so as a custom the customer wanted to see the guy’s fight-it-out until one of them sleepers out the other for the win! Simple, except neither one is going quietly. Cole gets very dirty here early trying for the win, Axel can bring that but tries to use skill over the kid. But those muscles keep coming into play.  This match is sexy with good views of Coles’ butt, dirty, thanks Cole and a good back and forth fight till we have a winner! – Michael “BodySlam”

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