Match 875: Tag Team Action with Kal & Anton Vs. Derrick & Tyson


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 875) Running time 30 minutes


Kal and Anton trained all day with BodySlam learning how to win a tag team match. Derrick and Tyson had one oil training session. In this match the challengers come into the ring wearing USA flag speedos.  The Tag Champions are wearing blue speedos and   once again Tyson gets worked over pretty well, also our young team does a lot of hot tagging, to tire out the Tag Team Champions, does it work? The challengers divide the ring and keep Tyson on their side of the ring. That’s a play right out of the Tag Champions book. Will we have new tag champions to end out UCW?  – Michael BodySlam

“Best tag team match ever – or as far back as I remember. Tyson and Derrick are amazing heels, and Anton and Kal, magnificent faces. The action is nonstop…” Ringside at Skull Island