Match 642: El Fuego Vs. Austin Tylor


Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 642) Running time 23 minutes


Austin Tyler has made his name a synonym for quality wrestling, with a cool and unaffected style that barely conceals a whole lot of aggression. El Fuego is new to UCW – this is his fifth release for the company – and it’s a measure of his backbone that he’s already been pitted against the company’s most talented and serious fighters – Ringside at Skull Island

Two of the nicest hot studs you will ever meet. One, a top pro wrestling star, other one, a BJJ top black belt. Together, they would make one unstoppable tag team. But they were not here for that, here to prove to each other just which one is the best. Lots of muscle and tons of cool killer holds. Watch all the twisting, and painful holds. And the all the muscle! – Michael “BodySlam”