Match 841: Jessie Lee Vs. Champion Axel


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 841) Running time 29 minutes


This is a UCW classic type match, good back and forth action. Jessie is a porn star/underground wrestler. He has some good skills, but the Champ Axel has a huge fighting background. But Jessie wants his shot at the belt, and he has earned it. So that is the set-up to the match. There are some very good holds happening, Jessie opens with a killer arm-bar that Axel really had to fight hard to get out of it, took every trick he had to do. Axel tries to keep it clean but Jessie doesn’t hold back, Nipple twisting, groin attacks, and face sitting to name a few. Both guy’s want this, very badly and is a close match. If you like a match that is focus on hard hitting wrestling, this is your match. Be warned there is kiss or two near the end. So, is there a new Champion, did your man win? Is Axel a 5X Champion? Find out the answers to all these questions this Thursday night or Wednesday if you get our emails. – Michael “BodySlam”

“I don’t know how Jessie became a contender for the UCW belt, taking on the almost indestructible Champion Axel, but he throws everything he’s got into this match. Axel is bigger and more experienced, but Jessie brings a lot of energy and gives the champ a real run for his money.”Ringside of Skull Island