Match 830: Mikey Cannon Vs. Max Ryder


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 830) Running time 27 minutes


While in the middle of an interview with BodySlam Max shows up and begs a chance to get into the ring with newcomer Mikey. You see this is Mikey’s first match filmed, and without much training he goes up against Max, but Mikey has BodySlam in his corner, and that isn’t anything to laugh about. Max kept fighting as dirty as could with BodySlam encouraging Mikey to do the same. Max loved going after Mikey’s balls. Max even brought out some nanchucks to work over Mikey’s balls and abs. The match ends outside of the ring and there was no more room for BodySlam to lend a hand to Mikey. Check out Mikey’s first match but 2nd on the website and see how BodySlam tried to help out against Max. – Michael “BodySlam”

“Max pushes Mikey into this match, but he seems motivated by other urges than just “training.” It’s a nasty fight, and I like nasty.” Ringside at Skull Island