Match 667: Axel Vs. Quinn Harper – Ball Busting


from the Lost Video Collection

Our Price: $10.99 (Product Code 667) Running time 32 minutes


Ringside at Skull Island had some thoughts on this match…

This one was suggested by the UCW fan, Peter.  Axel shows up to the ring, Quinn points out that he reserved the ring, and that Axel should leave. Axel says nope. Quinn decides right there to go after Axel for fun and to embarrass him. Quinn goes after Axel’s balls and boy did-he-ever go after them. And Quinn knows no mercy and has way too much fun killing Axel’s balls. Axel doesn’t seem to be getting the same pleasure out of this meet up as Quinn is, but those of us that love ball busting will have a good time! – Michael “BodySlam”