Match 854: Zack Reno Vs. Lobo Gris – Texas Rope Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 854) Running time 25 minutes


Cowboy or Gaucho Lobo Gris wants his match with Zack to be a Texas rope match. Zack isn’t buying but Lobo convinces Zack to do the match and even supplies Zack with a cowboy bandana. Right off the bat Lobo is shocked as to where Zack wears his red bandana, Lobo tries to explain to Zack that it’s a symbol for something gay. Zack isn’t listening and says it’s a symbol for a cowboy. Jokes on Zack. Winner must touch each conner pad to win. A 6-foot rope makes that difficult to do unless you somehow suppress your opponent, and you drag him closer to the farthest corner. The match features gut punching, leg drops, balls attack, hog tying, and little Zack pops out. Also choking with the rope as well as other attacks using that rope. There will be a clear winner, but also a clear bad-loser. – Michael “BodySlam”       

“Though not usually a fan of wrestling costumes, I would not mind more red bandanas and Stetson hats in the UCW ring. This match grabs me where I squeal!”Ringside at Skull Island