Match 869: Chad Daniels Vs. Axel – Squash Match


from the Lost Video Collection

Our Price: $10.99 (Product Code 869) Running time 29 minutes


Chad seems to think he wants a rematch to get even with Axel for a match had lost before. Axel feels it’s a big waste of his time. Chad ends up helping Axel into the ring for a match, by force. Watch the sample video and you will see the beating Chad is bringing to Axel. Very impressive is Chad as a Bad-Ass-Heel. But can Axel turn this around and put this punk back in his place? This match was fun to watch and see a different side of Chad. I am sure you will like this one and even make a few list of fun UCW matches to watch.  – Michael “BodySlam”

“Chad is boyishly good looking, a bit bigger and heavier than Axel, and clearly enjoying himself as he cuts the multi-champ down to size. He’s not bad either. With training and experience, he could have been a contender for the UCW belt. He’s shaggily sexy, too.” Ringside at Skull Island