Match 203: Joey Cantrell Vs. Eli Black – Ball Busting


Our Price: $13.99 (Product Code 203) Running time 41 minutes


Two tough studs going at it, let the beatings begin. Eli has a few different black belts and Joey is a nasty street fighter. These two go at it, and after some ball shots one of them takes it a bit to far, and then this fight turns into a real ball buster. One of the biggest ball busting matches for the time.   – Michael “BodySlam”

And if there are two wrestlers in the world who match my ideal of skinny white boys with tattoos and reputations, it’s Eli and Joey. What’s more, the blue-tarped hole that is UCW’s default fight space is a perfect setting for these two bad-asses to slap, slug, and stomp each other senseless in skimpy gear that only almost covers their junk. – Ringside at Skull Island