Match 219: James Vs. Twisted Torment – Iron Man Match


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Twisted is still after Michael Hannigan and BodySlam likes to tease Twisted. Twisted thought he was going to wrestle Hannigan but nope, his Iron Man Match was going to be with James. What is an Iron Man Match? The opponents get to go after each other for 30 minutes, scoring as many submissions and pins as they can get in during the 30 minutes. At the end of the 30-minute time limit we add-up who has scored more and declare a winner. Twisted loves this type of match, you get to beat up on and keep the beating going till the 30 minutes is up. Give up all you want but the beating continues until the time is up. James is in for it, Twisted knows well how to hurt a guy, and does so. – Michael “BodySlam”

“…Twisted Torment, a sick fuck of a battler who (as his name implies) prefers hurting and psychologically scarring his opponents to merely winning matches and who prides himself on clean knockouts (“clean” in this case meaning nothing more than “decisive” and “no two ways about it”).” – Ringside

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