Match 860: Kal Conner Vs. UCW Champion Cheetah Boy


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 860) Running time 20 minutes


The match open ups with Cheetah Boy is rubbing his butt and balls all over the championship belt, so disrespectful. Kal is looking good, lean muscle and handsome as ever! They lock up fast and the action is intense. Cheetah Boy comes on strong and hits Kal hard with low blows to keep him weak. Kal does manage to turn things around and gives it back to Cheetah just as hard as he is getting. And yes, Cheetah Boy is up to his old tricks, so we see Kal’s butt and more. My favorite move of this match, Kal humping on Cheetah’s sweet ass! The action/fight keeps growing, back and forth, till we finally get a crazy sleeper and a win! If you were tired of Cheetah as Champion, as Axel is. Download and find out if there is a new worthy, UCW Champion.  – Michael “BodySlam”

“Swinging between hardcore assaults and schoolboy pranks, Conner and Cheetah move the battle along at a whirlwind pace. Conner crashes through his typical low-key disposition to inflict serious and humiliating damage on Cheetah Boy’s volatile body.” Ringside at Skull Island