Match 845: Tag Team Action – Mikey Cannon & Max Ryder Vs. Derrick Col & Tyson the Hammer The Tag Team Champions


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 845) Running time 30 minutes


Our new Tag Team Champions have their first match to defend the belts. It’s with none other than rock solid muscle boy Max Ryder, and his tag team partner, sexy Mikey Cannon. Looks like Derrick hasn’t trained Tyson yet, as he keeps ending up behind enemy lines, getting himself double teamed. Max who should know better kept being dragged into the wrong corner. When it comes to Derrick he can’t compete with Max’s strength, but he did out smart Max a few times. All together this is a great tag match, never gets out of control. The tags are almost clean, but, the gear pulling got a little out of hand… You will see some dick. – Michael “BodySlam”

 “The whole last half of the video is a sweat fest not to be missed by admirers of shiny, slippery man-flesh inflicting pain on others.” –Ringside of Skull Island