Match 827: Mikey Cannon Vs. Anton Alvarez – Hump Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 827) Running time 27 minutes


Mikey’s first match and it was a winner! Mikey can hump and is very sexy as he humps, you can tell both him and Anton are both tops, so this makes for a very fun match as both want to dominate. You must do 10 humps in a row uninterrupted to win. Mikey starts off a little slow in the match, studying Anton’s skills. But then you can see where he decides he wants to win this match and really the fighting, which was already going hard then suddenly, they took it up to the next level. There is a great win in this match for us and for one of them. Great first match Mikey, keep them coming. Anton, this will be one of your matches that people talk about for the coming years. – Michael “BodySlam”  

“He’s a hurt-machine, half man, half jackhammer. He goes after the new kid like a dog on a bone. The man is a total turn-on.”Ringside at Skull Island