Match 855: Derrick Cole Vs. Tyson the Hammer – Oil Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product code 855) Running time 35 minutes


Tyson asks Derrick to do an oil match, but he refers to it as a training match. What it is, Tyson having fun being Tyson, enjoying himself playing with Derrick’s body. Derrick hates all of this, the oil, Tyson rubbing on him, Tyson biting his balls, slapping of his butt, being dragged through the oil by his trunks, and slipping and falling all over the place. Tyson loves the whole match; Derrick is really sexy when covered in oil with his muscles all popping out and Tyson takes full advantage of this opportunity. Tyson plans to have his style of fun. And doesn’t Tyson look damn Hot all covered in oil his deep cut muscles all glistering. Great fighting as they really try to win this thing. And right in the middle of this hot battle Tyson starts giving Derrick a nice oil massage, and we love it. But the fight doesn’t end there, it just gets going, and going hard. They both want to win and show each other who is the better fighter. But oil, as we have said before, oil is the great equalizer and can level the playing field. Now all of this, and I mean all of this, is so much fun to watch. Thank you, Tyson, for setting this up, and Derrick for going along with it. – Michael “BodySlam”