Match 746: 2020 Holiday Match


Tag Team elimination match with Chase Michaels & Ken the Wrestler Vs. Axel and Champion Zack Reno

Our Price: $16.99 (Product Code 746) Running time 30 minutes


“If you love mean as I do, you’re going to love this boot-versus-barefoot demolition. This is not a title match, so Zack Reno’s title is safe (for now), but a win here could springboard to a future challenge, and everybody in this ring, including Reno’s wingman Axel, is licking his chops to grab that belt and buckle it around his waist. The belt’s mere presence at ringside induces a higher-than-usual level of viciousness in these fighters. loved this Holiday fight! See what you think….”Ringside at Skull Island

This is a tag team elimination UCW style match, in one corner is Axel & Zack Reno Vs. Chase Michaels & Ken the Wrestler. Zack is in the best shape ever, nice sex lines and Chase is as always so lean and tone. Ken is just full of muscle everywhere; he has a killer headlock that I believe could twist your head right off. If Ken has a weakness, it would be his punches, they are very weak. If he had some more training, he could be a muscle-bound killing machine.  Zack says to Chase that he keeps cheating, Chase says back “it’s not cheating, it’s called wining.” Seeing how this is UCW he is right, there are no rules.  Hot bodies all around and plenty of sexiness, watch and have fun.  – Michael “BodySlam”