Match 824: Zack Reno Vs. Max Ryder “Rock Paper Scissors”


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 834) Running time 27 minutes


Zack and Max decide to do a “Rock-Paper-Scissors” to start the match, in which the winner decides what the stipulation to determined what the match will be. Once the match ends, the boys decide to do it again. The match has lots of foot stamps, gut punching, slams, ball damage and much more. Max does tease Zack about not having the belt, pointing out to Zack that he use to be a good wrestler and he wonders what happened to him. This does very little but to just enrage Zack and cause him to come off his game plan. Was that Max’s plan or did he just get lucky? The end of the match someone get a little crazy and this leads to an ending never before seen on UCW. Sidenote, someone gets a little excited during one point of the match, so sure to watch for that. Zack calls out Axel real hard in this match, will he get him? – Michael BodySlam

“In the final mini-match, Zack reciprocates smashing the heel of his boot to Max’s crotch. This section of the video is particularly vicious and swamped in the wrestlers’ sweat.”  – Ringside at Skull Island