Match 832: Tyson the Hammer Vs. Champion Axel – Dog Collar & Chain Match


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“Next to yanking the chain, the fighters are preoccupied with pulling each other’s cock – the chain and cock are manifestly mechanisms of control. The chains are used to bind, gag, punch, and choke one’s opponent.”Ringside at Skull Island

Axel invites Tyson to do a dog collar match complete with a big chain.  Tyson surprises Axel and says yes to this type of match. After the chain is put on, all the fun gets started. Make that fun for us not necessarily fun for the guys. The chain is very thick, heavy, 8 foot long. Heavy enough to work at bringing on fatigue. Some highlights include the chain being used for tug-of-war, choking, ball busting, stomach punching, back and bulge wiping, being tied up and so much more. Tyson is Tyson and our Champion Axel continues to show us why he is the Champion. I just love me a good weapons match. Watch and see why! – Michael “BodySlam”