Match 853: Kal the Wrestler (Conner) Vs. Anton Alvarez – Strip Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 853) Running time 23 minutes


People have written in tell us about how Kal & Anton seem to have chemistry, and they do have chemistry, lots of it. They may like each other but, a win is a win. They both come out fighting hard, and with several layers of clothing, some more than others. Kal decides to test Anton’s abs so there is lot of ab punching. Anton decides to see who can take more ball busting pain, so he sees to it that there is a lot of ball bashing in this fight. Hard to tell which one is the heel the way they both are going at it, maybe for this match they both are. It’s a strip match so we will see dick at the end… If fact, we end up seeing 2 dicks, enough about that. Now don’t worry about their friendship, they made up later my pull-out bed in my living room while I was sleeping. Yes, there is video, but for that you need to subscribe to their OnlyFans. – Michael “BodySlam”    

“This is a great, not-to-be-missed match. Kal and Anton cut loose on each other with an intensity seldom seen in underground wrestling as a whole.” – Ringside at Skull Island