Match 834: Anton Alvarez Vs. Nero Angelo – Best of 3 – Pin, Sub, Penetration


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 834) Running time 29 minutes


“Alvarez has the beef and the knowhow to destroy Nero, all he needs is the right set of circumstances for the knockout. Similar in build, the two are opposites in behavior” – Ringside at Skull Island

Anton wants revenge for the way Nero humiliated him in their match, match 808. The conditions for the match seem hard to follow but not really. Three rounds, the first round you must win with a pin, the second round you must win by making the opponent submit. Then third and final round can only be won by penetrating your opponent’s butt hole. Win just two rounds and you win the whole match.  So, both really fight it out as they have something to prove and want to protect their pride… and their butts. The fight goes back and forth and is good. I see Anton adding more skills to his wrestling abilities, and it’s exciting! When I brought Anton on board at UCW, I (BodySlam) saw in him some real skills and couldn’t wait to see him grow as a wrestler. Watch the match as see for yourself! – Michael “BodySlam”

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