Match 876: Kal Conner Vs. Anton Alvarez – Sleeper Match


from the Lost Video Collection

Our Price: $10.99 (Product Code 876) Running time 31 minutes


Kal has a plan to beat Anton with some chloroform, but Anton has done this himself early in his UCW life to Zack Reno. So, does Kal make this work for him? Every time you get sleepered out or knocked out, you run the risk of being felt up, taking advantage of. So, its sleepers after sleepers and a few knockouts. A lot of touching, rubbing and being playful with the unconscious victim. Anton can be very dirty, and honestly, we love watching guys having fun with Kal’s body. But remember Kal had a plan, can he turn it around?  – Michael BodySlam

“Not over yet! UCW can’t resist a curtain call, and if a match is as hot as this one, I refuse to complain.” – Ringside at Skull Island