Match 870: Claymore Alexander Vs. Axel


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 870) Running time 24 minutes


This match was Claymore’s first match with UCW. Axel likes to test out and if needed, discourage them from sticking around. So, in this match it’s the same story, Axel does his best to bring “the beat down” to Claymore. Now if you saw match 846, where Claymore took on Zack Reno, you know Claymore can fight. He is also packing a lot in his speedo, just like Axel. The fight starts off slow with Axel dominating, but then things start to go crazy. Claymore has that pro boxer power punching, and Axel knows a little boxing and a lot of submission. Should be a good fight. 

“I’m not sure why UCW didn’t release this drunkenish brawl earlier. It’s hot, maximizing muscle-on-muscle rolling and kneading. Axel is at his best when casually crushing an opponent between his thighs while looking blankly into space.” – Ringside at Skull Island