Match 836: Mikey Cannon Vs. Tyson the Hammer – Strip Match


Top Five Sale Price: $15.99 (Reg. $17.99) (Product Code 836) Running time 26 minutes


New Comer Mikey, has some wrestling skills but in a match like this you need to give a beating and be quick at stripping the other guy. But the other guy is trying to strip you. Mikey comes out of the gate hard hoping for a quick win. Tyson is Tyson and uses all his erotic tricks on poor Mikey, but Mikey gives as well as he receives. But Mikey does turn into a jobber for the first half of the match and Tyson forgets why he is there (to win), so he just keeps beating on Mikey. But Mikey does get his act together and goes after Tyson, even kicking him though the ropes and out of the ring to the hard concrete floor below. It’s very hard to say who will win this battle, and there are some very close calls along the way. So, many opportunities to view dicks! Download and watch all the fun today! – Michael “BodySlam”

This is my favorite Hammer match ever. Tyson doesn’t toy with his ambitious opponent. His aim is to destroy, no doubt because the new kid may stand in his way for another shot at the UCW title, which Tyson must surely have his eyes on.  – Ringside at Skull Island

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