Match 397: Axel Vs. Aron


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This match was requested by Aron himself; he even bought the equipment needed. Axel agreed and the fight, and it was on. They are dressed up in shoulder pads and jocks, armed with Lacrosse rackets. And nothing else. Their team won but they start arguing over which one of them played better. The arguing soon turns physical and it’s a fight. Soon the fight goes dirty with knees to balls, choking, hair pulling, gut work over, and don’t forget about those Lacrosse rackets. As in all of Aron’s matches when he is beating on someone, he gets very hard. Can the jock hold his very large dick inside its small lite fabric? He can give Axel a run for dick size, just watch one of his strip-matches that he loses, yes there is one.  – Michael “BodySlam”